Gabe Border 

Gabe is curious. When taken by something, he stops at nothing until he has learned everything there is to know about it. It started with aircraft at a very young age. Reading books on WWII bombers and spy craft of the cold-war. Upon receiving glasses, Gabe realized his dreams of flying an F-16 were slim. At this point he took to birds, trading one fighting falcon for the real one...falco peregrinus, the Peregrine Falcon. Falconry didn't come until after high school. Up until that point, Gabe developed a love of mountains and adventuring in high places. Climbing, skiing, mountain biking, and fly fishing he enjoys them all. All the while his Dad's old Navy camera found its way into the curiosity equation. Gabe read many adventure journals, filled with amazing images of far off mountain ranges. Naturally the camera started being added to the gear list to document trips. Fast forward-Gabe has spent years flying falcons at wild game, worked as a conservation biologist, breeding California condors, and still hasn't climbed enough peaks.  

Gabe specializes in creating Architectural and Interiors images, that meet exactly what clients require. When not working with Architects, Interior Designers, and Builders. Gabe enjoys cooking/adventuring with his Wife Emily, and English Pointer Fred and English Setter Lucy.


2017 AIA Housing Award-Sawmill, Olson Kundig Architects

Chicago Anthenaeum 2017 American Architecture award- Sawmill, Olson Kundig Architects

Clients Include:

•Olson Kundig          •BeebeSkidmore Architects        •Shaw Flooring           •Dwell        •CTA Architects       •RO | ROCKETT Design     •Local Construct   • Richärd + Bauer   

•Smart thinking INC.           •Patcraft             •Michael Doty Architects           •Design Vim        •Business Interiors of Idaho      •Lee Gilman Builders    •Holst Architecture