Architectural photography: A gift guide / by Gabe Border

We architectural photographers work on location, which requires every piece of gear to perform at its best time and time again. Anything that makes life easier, allows for us to concentrate on more important things. For the photographer on your list, these items are sure to please.

Hint-Buy the first item on the list and stuff any other fragile gifts inside. Santa is notorious for breaking things while going down the chimney...

Think Tank production manager-

 Keeping everything secure and organized is a no-brainer. Think Tank engineers their products for professionals. 

Color correction light Gels-

Placed over strobes or flashes to warm up the light. These are a must have!

The Arca Swiss Cube-

  The cats meow for precisely leveling your camera. While expensive, the time you will save in the field and in post will more than make up for it. It is just a pleasure to use this thing!

Nikon 19mm PC-E-

  Nikon' answer to the Canon 17mm ts-e. While not as wide, Nikon is pushing lens capability for high resolution sensors that are coming down the pipe. The best part is that, when placed on a crop body camera or paired with a 1.4x teleconverter, this lens covers the fantastic 28mm focal range. 

Profoto B1-

  This strobe needs no introduction. The ease of use and reliability are make this one of the most used lights in the industry. Hopefully other companies will bring their own battery powered options out soon and push the abilities of these units.

Cam Ranger-

  While some photographers prefer to tether their cameras to a laptop. I love the speed, ease of use, and freedom of this wireless setup. Walking back and forth to the camera while lighting and adjusting furniture is a royal pain. Cam Ranger to the rescue.

Gaffer Tape-

 This stuff is indispensable, just like socks and underwear, everyone needs this.

Book: Passive Houses-

 Good books on architecture feed the soul. And they look good on the coffee table.

Lowel GL-1-

  This light is fantastic at twilight for interiors and exteriors. Top tip- use your gaf tape to secure the battery in place. This light likes to just eject the battery on its own. The light quality is fantastic. The light build quality...not so much.

Evil Insurgent-

  Don't forget to have fun outside of work!

Happy Holidays and keep shooting!