Even in a day when we have jaw dropping 5K monitors, the tactile heft of a wood and paper captivates the viewer in a way no fancy LED backlight can. I had a blast putting this book together, and can't wait to see how it will look in the coming future. Oh ya, new branding and business cards!

I started out with a 11"x17" post binder from Pina Zangaro. I loved the look and expandability. Plus it is super easy to change pages out as you go.

After looking over the blog of No Plastic Sleeves, I noticed that many portfolios, especially home grown efforts, were printed on Moab Lasal Matte 235. This fantastic double sided paper is worth every penny. I made a custom icc profile for the Moab paper, this ensures that every time I vision is met from the screen. Some of the pages are separated with 11"x17" velum paper.

Gabe Border-Boise-Architecture

I was able to pick up the Canon Pixima-Pro 100 a couple months back thanks to the great guys over at Fstoppers. They clued me in on a rebate deal from Canon, that basically made the printer $50. 

So far I have had the best results printing straight from the print media pro plug in on Lightroom, I choose Platinum N for paper and my own icc matte profile.

The prints are fantastic and I find that clients connect much better than on an ipad. To finish, I will have my logo etched on the front cover. I am also building print mailers for my next marketing campaign.