An Architectural photographers take on Living with Light. / by Gabe Border

I came across this video recently and found it very interesting. The way architects use light in design, informs the way I photograph a space.

Naturally as an architectural photographer, we constantly think about light...shadow, and how it can add texture, mood and depth. Architects and designers too have to think about light. Windows are not unlike an aperture into the built environment. Controlling how light interacts with a space.

Photographers carefully craft light to compliment the design. We use tools like scrim fabric, black flag and studio lights. They help the camera see as we see, so that the three dimensions and 5 senses of experiencing an environment can captivate someone in two dimensions. 

This video also relays the message of how important the design of our environments are. When editing in my studio, I greatly value the crisp white walls and natural light of the studio.